How to style your bookcase like a pro

Start yourself off with a clean slate. Begin by removing all the items you don’t love. That’s everything that isnt beautiful or significant enough to be placed on display. Pop your ‘keep me’ pieces aside an
d step back to admire your blank canvas. Then, stick to a balanced amount of the following items to achieve your styled bookcase master piece.


1. Southwest Bookcase | 2. Bayswater Bookcase | 3. Utah Bookcase


  1. Your favourite books.

What would a bookcase be without them, right? Choose your most asthetically appealling titles (in this case judging a book by its cover isn’t such a sin). Place these along different shelves, alternating the way you sit them. Try stacking your books one on top of the other to give height and variance to your shelves.

  1. Photo frames.

To avoid your display looking like something straight out of a show home, add a couple of photos into the mix. Show them off in understated frames to add a touch of personality and homeliness.

  1. Decorative pieces.

Break up the books with objects of interest like vases and ornaments. Its nice to look at something other than the repetition of lines on a shelf. Try to think away from your ordinary bookends and use other items to fufill the job instead.


1. Blossom Photo Frame | 2. Deer Head Bookends | 3. Concrete Star Vase

  1. Go green.

8ce845cc22e4e70cc88c6e957e15589dYou don’t have to bring the garden inside, just pops of faux ferns or leaves will do the trick. Faking your greenery is just as stylish these days so don’t stress if indoor plants drop dead at the sight of you. Paired with a planter or vase and you’re on your way to shelfie success.

  1. Beautiful boxes.

Not only are these great for adding texture and pattern, but they’ll also store away any little keepsakes or important trinkets. Boxes are perfect for layering. Don’t forget to stack your items on the shelves as well as lining to give depth and interest to the over all display.



1. Aurora Hex Box | 2. Eiffel Tower Trinket Box | 3. Flower Trinket Box

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All images sourced via Pinterest unless otherwise linked.